According to WHO reports, infertility is increasing at the rate of 17% year over year. Yet the treatment is out of reach for 99% of couples in India. SUBHAG is a consolidated effort of experienced medical professionals and entrepreneurs, to make infertility treatment more accessible, comfortable and credible through their online portal.

The changed lifestyles and growing complexities of life, has led to the emergence of various health issues in India, which require quality and affordable healthcare. With the foresightedness that no stakeholder in healthcare ecosystem can work in isolation, we developed a team from different arenas, to change the face of healthcare in India. Our innovative team is dedicated to the task of translating medical devices into simple, automated instruments that can be used at home without many skills. We endeavor to ease the medical journey of people by bringing not just healthcare, but also treatment at their doorstep. All our service and devices have been developed in accordance with regulatory and statutory requirements.