The data from EY suggests that infertility affects 10%-15% married couples in India amounting to 27.5 million couples, which is estimated to increase at the rate of 17% in coming years. Despite the urge of having a child and the social pressure asserted due to childlessness, only 1% of the couples come out to seek advice and treatment, due to reasons like social stigma and unavailability of treatment.

The dedication and expertise of medical practitioners has been rewarding and has helped many couples in becoming satisfied parents. The advanced medical setups are equipped with full range of fertility solutions using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), from ovulation induction, follicular tracking, fertility investigations, surgeries, IUI, IVF, ICSI, and many more. This is disheartening that the persistent efforts of so many stakeholders are not sufficient to bridge the gap between infertility and its treatment. Many couples feel intimidated in front of doctors and therefore, are not able to express themselves in front of doctors and hesitate to ask, which adds up to their woes.

We at Subhag want to become a platform where couples can open up and discuss their doubts and queries without any hesitation. We aim to bring more people out, to discuss about their problem related to infertility, and seek treatment. The major roadblock to infertility treatment, which we found through our surveys, is social stigma attached to infertility, especially male infertility. On the basis of our discussion with couples, we have planned a strategy where we educate couples and create awareness about infertility and convince them that some infertility treatments like IUI can be given at home but they will have to visit clinics for diagnostic tests, medications and we will help them through the process. In order build up the confidence of couples in medical treatment we want a support and collaboration with medical centres, like yours, who can extend their hands to the cause. Moreover, it can build up into a prolific business model where we can send you, our customers for diagnostic tests, medicines, surgeries, ART and maternity services and you send us the couples for home based IUI, leading to the win-win situation for both stakeholders.

When we analysed the journey of infertile couples, the problem that we found, worries them most, is the decision to choose IVF center. Since IVF procedure that requires investment of lot of time, money and emotions, they want to ensure that they reach the hospital that can claim full credibility during the treatment. In western countries, several countries have taken steps to accredit and supervise the performance of infertility clinics but in India, there is lack of any external evaluation mechanism in order to practise IVF. Therefore, we plan to collate all the accredited ART centers accredited for ART specific accreditation program in one portal through our website so that couples can avail best services and reach back home satisfied with their baby. We are also connected to the best accreditation providers, for the ART centres, who want to accredited and improve credibility of their services.

To brief you about our team, we have a team of engineers from premier institutes like IIT, management gurus from IIM, advisors like Dr. B.K. Rana, one of top global experts and newsmakers in Medagate Today, and medical advisors from JSS medical college, who are dedicated for the cause. We are incubated with TATA Social alpha and Atal Incubation Center 36Inc and also have TATA sons group Mr. Gopi, as our mentor.

We are looking for the strategic partners who hold the vision like ours to provide most credible treatment with full transparency, to the couples.

We can discuss the idea in detail over a meeting.

Hoping that our idea excites you, we look forward to work with you.

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