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V conceive is a patented insemination device that enables a skilled and semi-skilled person to perform ICI with unwashed sperms and IUI with washed sperm. Please watch the video to see how does it work


AndroWash is the world’s first automatic sperm washing device that eliminates the dependency of andrologists. Now doctors can perform the sperm wash with WHO 2010 double-density gradient method on their own. Please watch the video to see how does it work

" The game-changing solution that empowers doctors to perform SUBHAG IUI procedure with greater ease and efficacy. "

Due to low motile sperms, they cannot travel fast the long distance from vagina to uterus and they die before they can reach egg, V conceive acts like a fast bullet train and direct deposit the sperms to cervix hole which is only 3-5 mm away from uterus, this solves the problem of low motility and low sperm count

The V conceive cup protect your sperms from vaginal fluid which can sometime kill the sperms, In natural intercourse sperms are directly exposed to vaginal fluid but here they are 100% protected

In natural intercourse after ejaculation of sperms they may get splashed all over the vaginal wall, and lose the way to the cervix hole. In V conceive no back flow is possible and sperms are forced to go upward and direct to uterus where egg is waiting for fertilization

The cervix hole which is 1-2 mm in size is a gate between Vagina and uterus which gets open only on the day of ovulation. V conceive uses the success pressure created by uterus to suck up all sperms from the cup inside uterus and increase the chance of conception

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Double Density Gradient Method Smart Tube

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