A successful pregnancy – A Short Story

Many pregnancy stories have been shared, This is one beautiful story about a couple and their journey.

Let’s share our pregnancy stories-

Sheena was a 29 -year- old marketing professional. She traveled a lot and loved fitness-related activities.

Her husband, Rajesh, was into IT, 34 -years- old and worked long hours, sometimes night shifts.

He was relatively healthy despite being a regular smoker and occasional drinker.

Sheena’s college friends already had babies. All they spoke about was their kids’ eating habits and the best schools in town.

Her Facebook wall began to be flooded with pregnancy photoshoots where the husband lovingly held the wife’s oversized belly and of family portraits.

Sheena imagined the kind of pictures she would have on her Facebook once she got pregnant and had a baby- “I will put up mad, wild pictures, not such boring cute ones” The pressure was On! Not from outside, as her in-laws and parents did not once ask her about a baby; but from within herself. Sheena now desperately longed for a baby!

Sheena was adamant about pregnancy.

She downloaded all the ovulation apps, read all the articles on the internet.

She and her husband also had a name to this “Project”- Mission Mittens! After months of trying, changing the setting by going on a vacation in a relaxing beach villa on a beautiful island in Thailand, buying ovulation kits after another, they then decided to visit a gynecologist.

The gynecologist was a good counselor besides being a good doctor and strongly suggested against taking too much stress as it would only hamper their chances of pregnancy.

The problem-

It was found that Sheena had a minor block on one of the Fallopian tubes and Rajesh had low sperm motility, nothing to be too worried about!

The doctor prescribed some medications for both Sheena and Rajesh and suggested going for an IUI procedure. Thereby began their lengthy treatment procedures.

While Sheena was ready to do everything for pregnancy, she couldn’t bear to see her husband go through the ordeals of the treatment.

She also felt that the mere motive of them being closer to each other was being hampered as they became more and more distanced emotionally.


The Solution-

That’s when she read about home insemination.

That was like a Ray of Hope for her.

The procedure meant minimum intervention by doctors, where you purchase the IUI kit, track your own ovulation cycle and schedule your IUI treatment at home at your own convenience as per your own schedule.

It fit absolutely perfect in the scheme of things for them as they could not afford to take leaves from work and even reduced the stress factors. A year later, they are holding their baby in their arms.

We would love to hear from you, please share your pregnancy stories, in the comments below!


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