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Know Your Reproductive System

Male reproductive system The human reproductive system is a very well-articulated system of complex processes. It leads to the most beautiful formulation of mother nature that brings a new life into this world. It is very important for every woman to have germane information regarding constant changes that occur in their body. The information helps […]

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Perform IUI treatment in the comfort of your home

Perform IUI treatment in the comfort of your home

As an increasing number of childless couples adopt medical treatment to achieve parenthood, the multi-billion-dollar IVF market continues to flourish worldwide. However, the lack of transparency in IVF procedures, and their sky-high costs, make this an alternative that remains out of reach for a majority of the target population. The average cost for IUI (intrauterine […]

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Fertility test

Fertility Test and Things To Know About Infertility

Let’s talk on the fertility test. It is the choice of each individual and couple, within their own sense of conscience, to determine if they intend pregnancy, and if so, the size of their family unit and the timing of when to have a child. The ability to conceive is called “fertility”, and getting it […]

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