Infertility and Depression

Infertility and Depression are closely interlinked. While depression is a common side effect of infertility, it can also be a cause of infertility. This strange relation between Infertility and Depression makes it even more difficult to tackle. We already know the link between stress and infertility and how stress impacts overall health and moreover fertility. […]

Fertility Foods- Customs and Ayurveda

Fertility foods – foods that boost fertility have been constantly being talked about. The role that some foods and herbs play infertility is well known to most of us- some through word of mouth, some that are shared by our grandparents and elders. Some are myths are others are researched information. Ayurveda and Fertility- Our […]

Your Guide to Fertility treatment

Your Guide to Fertility treatment-subhag-home-iui

Fertility treatment, its course, success, and duration will all depend upon the cause of infertility. In order to ascertain the cause of infertility, a doctor will perform thorough tests for both partners. Fertility tests- the first step to Fertility treatment Initially, fertility tests will be quite simple and general. Know About Infertility. It will include both […]

Social pressures of Infertility

Social pressures of Infertility-subhag-home-iui

Every culture celebrates the onset of pregnancy and the homecoming of a child is a great way and hence, the social pressure to procreate, to share the ‘good news’, to continue the family name is immense. In fact, relatives start asking about the new member of the family as soon as a couple gets married. […]

Healthy Habits to maintain Fertility


Fertility and general health of a person go hand in hand. Just like maintaining a normal Blood pressure, Diabetes and other vital organs involve cautious healthy habits. Fertility too involves being mindful about ones’ eating habits, daily routines, sleep patterns, and exercise. Lifestyle and Infertility– According to WHO reports, infertility is increasing at a rate […]

What’s stopping you from getting Pregnant?

what is stopping you getting pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable and life-changing events in a couple’s lives. As soon as a couple decides to start a family, they start imagining how their lives would be after the baby comes. They start planning the nitty-gritty of raising the baby. They start looking at things differently. Certain things that they […]

Understanding Infertility – Its Symptoms and Causes

Infertility is on the rise. Several environmental factors, lifestyle changes, societal practices such as late marriages and casual sex may lead to infertility. According to the WHO, infertility rates have increased by 4% since the 1980s. What is Infertility? A couple may develop a strong desire to become parents at some point in their lives. […]

Home Insemination- What works and what doesn’t ?

The increase in infertility cases has led to many advancements in its treatments. These treatments go a long way to support couples. Parenthood is an emotionally loaded experience. It begins from the moment one starts thinking about planning for it. Home insemination is a good option for couples who have started their journey. This can […]

What is Secondary Infertility? All you need to Know

What is Secondary Infertility- All you need to Know-Subhag-Home-IUI

What is Secondary Infertility? Going through the process of artificial reproduction is as much a journey through the medical process as it is an emotional process of trying to overcome several blocks. Firstly, no one including the doctors can be precise about the reasons for infertility. Let’s talk about one ‘secondary infertility’. Secondary infertility is […]

Fertility Test and Things To Know About Infertility

Fertility test

Let’s talk on the fertility test. It is the choice of each individual and couple, within their own sense of conscience, to determine if they intend pregnancy, and if so, the size of their family unit and the timing of when to have a child. The ability to conceive is called “fertility”, and getting it […]