What Is IUI At Home Insemination Kit And What Are The Top Benefits?

People suffering from Infertility are already under great stress. To add to their misery they have to visit an infertility clinic quite often and get their IUI procedure done in front of infertility experts who are like strangers to them. This makes them uncomfortable and takes away their privacy. To overcome such issues and many […]

Home IUI Treatment Helping for Unexplained Infertility Couples

Home IUI Treatment Helping for Unexplained Infertility Couples What is the ideal approach to get pregnant if you’re confronting Unexplained Infertility? There’s no direct answer.  Regularly, when you can’t get pregnant, the initial step is fertility trying. Then when a reason (or causes) is discovered, proper treatment is sought after.  If you’re not ovulating, Clomid […]

Understanding IUI- its complications and benefits!

Complications in the IUI process are few. At times problems arise mainly because of the negligence of the hospital staff or doctors. Complications in IUI may also be an outcome of a lack of proper diagnosis of the cause of infertility and not taking personalized treatment actions. Let’s explore the various scenarios that pose a […]

Pregnancy stories – Battling infertility!

Pregnancy is the most awaited and the most cherished moment of a woman’s life. Not only is it the highlight for the woman but also for the entire family- especially in India, where the whole family awaits news of a progeny- someone to carry the family name and legacy. Below you will find two stories […]

Fertility Foods- Customs and Ayurveda

Fertility foods – foods that boost fertility have been constantly being talked about. The role that some foods and herbs play infertility is well known to most of us- some through word of mouth, some that are shared by our grandparents and elders. Some are myths are others are researched information. Ayurveda and Fertility- Our […]

Social pressures of Infertility

Social pressures of Infertility-subhag-home-iui

Every culture celebrates the onset of pregnancy and the homecoming of a child is a great way and hence, the social pressure to procreate, to share the ‘good news’, to continue the family name is immense. In fact, relatives start asking about the new member of the family as soon as a couple gets married. […]

Ovulation Stimulating drugs- Necessary or unnecessary?

Ovulation Stimulating drugs- Necessary or unnecessary?

Ovulation Stimulating drugs are fertility drugs that induce egg formation by stimulating the ovaries. Today, most fertility treatments include ovulation stimulating drugs as part of the treatment procedure. While in some cases these drugs are inevitable and are necessary, experts are questioning the prescription of these drugs as a mandatory precedent to fertility treatments. Infertility […]

Ovulating and yet not pregnant.

Ovulating and yet not pregnant-Subhag-IUI-home-Kit

Ovulation is one of the main factors that determine fertility. Ovulation releases eggs. If not fertilized, they flush out of the body along with menstrual blood. Therefore, timely ovulation is a prerequisite for a successful pregnancy. If a woman experiences irregular menstrual cycles or has PCOS (Polycystic Ovulation Syndrome), it may cause ovulation problems. Anovulation […]

Perform IUI treatment in the comfort of your home

Perform IUI treatment in the comfort of your home

As an increasing number of childless couples adopt medical treatment to achieve parenthood, the multi-billion-dollar IVF market continues to flourish worldwide. However, the lack of transparency in IVF procedures, and their sky-high costs, make this an alternative that remains out of reach for a majority of the target population. The average cost for IUI (intrauterine […]